This page is the biography of the main photographer and owner of W Architectural Photography.


Andy Yutsai Wang is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. His specialties include but are not limited to interiors, architecture, and related products such as building fixtures, furniture, decorations, and appliances. He was inspired by National Geographic and wanted to be one of their photographers when he was 12 years old. Apparently, his life did not follow that script. Instead, he went into the fields of art, design, and culture. He holds dual master’s degrees, majoring in Architecture at Southern California Institute of and in Heritage Preservation at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. During a decade of being an architectural designer, he has never forgotten his childhood dream of being a photographer.

Today, Andy is working as a successful architectural photographer, and loving what he does in every moment. He creates photographs that illustrate the beauty of each architectural element he trains his lens upon, and his work strives to express fully the concept and vision of each designer.